Thomas Adès’ Dante

Hailed as a “a musical invention” by the LA Times, the group’s interpretations were recorded live at the Walt Disney Concert Hall by Nonesuch Records for release as a digital and physical album, in addition to a limited-edition two–LP vinyl set — the work’s world-premiere audio recording.

Out today, 21 April 2023, Thomas Adès: Dante is a ballet score in three acts – “Inferno,” “Purgatorio,” and “Paradiso” – inspired by the alternately chilling and sunlit landscapes of Dante Alighieri’s La Divina Commedia and sharing Adès’ ambitious vision of heaven, hell, and the in-between.

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Side A

I. Abandon Hope—

II. The Selfish—stung by wasps

III. The Ferryman

IV. Pavan of the Souls in Limbo—

V. Paolo and Francesca—the endless whirlwind

VI. The Gluttons—in slime

Side B

VII. The Suicides—the bleeding trees

VIII. The Deviants—on burning sand

IX. The Fortune-tellers—facing both ways

X. The Popes’ Adagio—heads first

XI. The Hypocrites—in coats of lead

XII. The Thieves—devoured by reptiles

XIII. Satan—in the lake of ice

Side C

I. Dawn on the Sea of Purgatory—

II. Mount Purgatory—

III. The Valley of Flowers—

IV. The Healing Fire—

V. The Earthly Paradise—

VI. The Heavenly Procession—

VII. The Ascent

Side D

Paradise—Moon—Mercury—Venus—Sun—Mars—Jupiter (The Eagle)—Saturn (The Golden Ladder)—Fixed Stars—Empyrean